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The challenges and problems the world faces grow ever more complex. Businesses demand fresh thinking and new approaches to successfully tackle fundamental issues such as climate change, rapid population growth and using technology to improve the quality of lives.

With 159 years experience manufacturing 128 million parts per year using over 160 Milling machines,  we challenged traditional thinking about Workholding solutions for CNC machining and explored ways to reduce set up, change overtimes, eliminate costs and time spent designing, creating and storing vice/soft jaws.

Norgren Workholding, part of IMI plc, has dramatically reduced steps involved and forever changed the way parts are held and gripped in the CNC workholding industry.

In keeping with the philosophy behind Breakthrough Engineering, Norgren Workholding is challenging traditional thinking about workholding solutions for CNC machining customers; actively exploring new ways to tackle some of the key operational efficiency issues the sector faces every day.

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Delivering Breakthrough Engineering

Breakthrough Engineering is at the heart of Norgren’s offering and is an integral element in driving the essential systems we all rely upon.

From improving speed, productivity, reliability and efficiency of equipment, to generating significant energy and cost savings, or lowering total cost of ownership across many industries - Norgren’s solutions are designed to help customers pursue progress, achieve new goals and overcome problems.

Norgren offers insight, technical excellence and a true collaborative approach to help organizations forge a brighter future by breakthrough engineering for a better world.

Tried, Trusted and Ready

As a well-respected world leader in motion control and fluid technology, Norgren is ideally placed to unearth breakthrough engineering solutions and we play an active role in important industry sectors that contribute to the quality and success of everyday life.

  • By continually improving the efficiency of factories
  • By supporting the life science sector seeking the answers needed to help save lives
  • By assisting the rail and commercial vehicle industries to discover the sustainable solutions both businesses and consumers