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Adaptix™ Soft Jaw Benefits

The Adaptix™ Soft Jaw CNC milling fixture is an adjustable work-holding device used in the machining process to position and secure multiple configuration of parts. The fixture can withstand large cutting force and ensures the quick transition for parts produced on the machining center, maintaining conformity and interchangeability. The fixture is designed with multiple adjustable fingers the are positioned and locked in place providing a rigid work-hold.

The unique "finger tip" design further builds on the flexibility and opens up a world of customization never seen before.  You can customize your Adaptix™ Soft Jaw for your needs with different tip materials, step profiles, lengths and unique tip edges.  Not only are the tips replaceable, but the whole system was designed to be field repairable in case a single finger gets damaged.

Adaptix™ Soft Jaw will work on various vise brands and the unique housings insure a tightly coupled system. 


  • Create a "soft jaw" in less than 60 seconds with the adaptable fingers
  • Eliminates the need to design, manufacture a soft jaw
  • Quick changeover time at the machine from part to part
  • Eliminates the need to store soft jaws freeing up space in your plant
  • Exchangeable finger tips allow for different materials to be gripped with tip options including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and nylon
  • Other tip options include different step heights (3mm, 6mm, 10mm), two different lengths, and multiple tip shapes (Flat, Round, Hexagonal, Serrated)
  • We will be supporting common vise brands including Kurt and Schunk to start and will be adding other brands as soon as possible
  • The entire Adaptix™ Soft Jaw is field repairable so you can replace any finger, housing or tip
  • Adaptix™ Soft Jaw was designed and tested to hold up in an environment with constant fluid and chips present



This is a comparison we did between our soft jaw process versus using the Adaptix™ Soft Jaw methodology.





Adaptix™ Soft Jaw

Soft Jaw

Order Blanks & Design Soft Jaw:040 minutes
Program CNC:015 minutes
Remove old Soft Jaw and put away (storage)010 minutes
Setup / Cut / Configure:10 minutes27 minutes
Inspect & QA Soft Jaw010 minutes
Test Parts in Machine (run 1st part)10 minutes10 minutes
Soft Jaw Material Cost estimate:$40 or €35 or £30 $40 or €35 or £30
Number of Soft Jaws per job (estimated 2 to 3)22
Cost per Job ($35/hour or €30/hour or £30/hour) :$32 or €27 or £27$233 or €210 or £200
Weekly Cost Example (2 jobs per week):$63 or €54 or £54$465 or €420 or £400
Soft Jaw Storage:No soft jaw storage neededStorage required

Adaptix™ Soft Jaw Savings Calculator

Adaptix™ drastically reduces setup and machine time, consumption of materials, tooling, labor and energy, as well as eliminating time and money spent designing, producing and storing a multitude of soft jaws and fixturing. Simply click the box below to discover how much you could save with the Adaptix™ Soft Jaw