Adaptix™ Soft Jaw Product Details

Adaptix™ Soft Jaw​ is our new range of products made for the future of CNC workholding

This revolutionary product reinvents the soft jaw process and even the need to have soft jaws at all. 
Adaptix™ Soft Jaw has been designed to have a similar robustness as a normal aluminum soft jaw with regards to high clamping forces, repeatability and toughness.  The fingers adapt to your unique part shape giving you the ultimate in flexible leading to saving time, money and simplifying your process.


Instant Setup

Configure in minutes and reset in seconds

Eliminate Storage

Gone is the need for soft jaw or fixture storage

Interchangeable Pin Tips

Select ideal pin tip material, step profile and shape based on what’s being gripped

Vise Compatibility

Adaptix™ Soft Jaw is built to fit into Kurt, Schunk, 5th Axis and plenty of other vices.

Field Repairable

Easily replace the fingers and tips on your own

Durable Construction

Withstands harsh conditions of machine tool interiors

Explore Workholding in 360°

Click the icon below to view the product in 360°. Then click and hold the product to spin it around to view all sides. You can also click on the hotspots to learn more about Adaptix


The Adaptix™ Soft Jaw offers reduced part marring with a variety of unique tips.

  • Round tips contour to angles with no sharp points. This equals less marring as the tips are more adaptable and flexible.
  • Flat tips for normal vice or square parts if they have a step in it. Flat tips offer more contact and less marring.
  • Beveled and Spike tips grab a small amount of the surface and offer high hold with little purchase.

The Adaptix™ Soft Jaw offers superior grip strength.

  • Concentrated points of contact equal better grip strength
  • More points of contact
  • You can grip the full profile of the part

Benefits for all roles in your Company

Owner/Plant Manager

• More profit
• Higher efficiency
• Higher volume and revenue

Shop Foreman

• Maximize work
• Minimize labor downtime for jobs flowing through

Manufacturing Engineer

• Improve manufacturing process and throughput

Job Estimator

• Faster quoting
• More profitable jobs
• Higher quote volume

Production Manager

• Faster on scheduling jobs
• Simplifies process

Lean Champion

• Simplifies process
• Eliminate “waste”


• Faster setup
• Quicker changeover