Adaptix™ Soft Jaw

"I’m confident that today I at least doubled the number of one-off prototype parts I was able to produce due to the design and setup time saved using Adaptix versus traditional soft jaws. Doing single part and small batch prototyping, the Adaptix vise is quickly becoming a staple in our shop."

Manager, Quantum Signal AI

"By not having to make soft jaws all the time it allows us to be more profitable and spend less time on jobs; our setup cost is much lower. Adaptix is a newly designed technology that the market has been looking for for many years in order to help shops reduce time on setups. The need has finally been met!"

Will Jones

General Manager, Jones Machine & Tool, Inc.

"It has the potential to be a real time saver, especially for shops that need soft jaws for one-offs and prototypes. It’s one thing to amortize the cost of a set of soft jaws over 100 or more parts, but doing so for just 1 part is harder to justify. I plan to leave the Adaptix Soft Jaws on my milling vise and use them as much as possible."

Bob Warfield

Founder, CNC Cookbook

"This would work great for operations that uses vises, it would add huge value by reducing machining time"

Manager, Machine Shop

"I have 120 Kurt vises and I could use this product on them"

Manager, Machine Shop

Introducing the AdaptixSoft Jaw, a revolutionary new technology that’s transforming the way you hold and grip parts in your milling machine.  The AdaptixSoft Jaw adapts to any part geometry, provides the necessary forces to hold your workpiece and will radically reduce the time and cost involved in the design and development of your soft jaws or fixturing.

Save time. Save money. Get a new grip on workholding.

  • Singular solution replaces multitude of soft jaws
  • Drastically reduces setup and machine time, consumption of materials, tooling, labor, energy, and more
  • Eliminates time and money spent designing, producing and storing multitude of soft jaws and fixturing

State-of-the-art engineering for first-rate adaptability.

  • Adjustable to almost any part geometry and adaptable to most vise brands
  • Provides the same necessary force to hold your workpiece as a traditional soft jaw without marring
  • Exchangeable pin tips (aluminum, steel, plastic, brass, etc.) to allow for different shapes, step profiles and materials being gripped
  • Pinpoint accuracy and repeatability

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