Adaptix™ Soft Jaw

Adaptix™ Soft Jaw


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Introducing the AdaptixSoft Jaw, a revolutionary new technology that’s transforming the way you hold and grip parts in your milling machine.  The AdaptixSoft Jaw adapts to any part geometry, provides the necessary forces to hold your workpiece and will radically reduce the time and cost involved in the design and development of your soft jaws or fixturing.


Product Features

Instant Setup

Configure in minutes and reset in seconds

Eliminate Storage

Gone is the need for soft jaw or fixture storage

Interchangeable Pin Tips

Select ideal pin tip material, step profile and shape based on what’s being gripped

Vise Compatibility

Works with common vise manufacturers

Field Repairable

Easily replace pins/pin tips on your own

Dedicated Support

Experts available to answer any questions at a moment’s notice

Durable Construction

Withstands harsh conditions of machine tool interiors

"Saving on changeover time would be the number one value with this, getting parts in and out quickly"

Manager, Machine Shop

"This would reduce the skill level required to make and use workholding jaws. That’s where the savings would come in."

Owner, Machine Shop

"…with this we can start quoting milling jobs more frequently for small piece runs"

Owner, Machine Shop

"This would work great for operations that uses vises, it would add huge value by reducing machining time"

Manager, Machine Shop

"I have 120 Kurt vises and I could use this product on them"

Manager, Machine Shop

Save time. Save money. Get a new grip on workholding.

  • Singular solution replaces multitude of soft jaws
  • Drastically reduces setup and machine time, consumption of materials, tooling, labor, energy, and more
  • Eliminates time and money spent designing, producing and storing multitude of soft jaws and fixturing

State-of-the-art engineering for first-rate adaptability.

  • Adjustable to almost any part geometry and adaptable to most vise brands
  • Provides the same necessary force to hold your workpiece as a traditional soft jaw without marring
  • Exchangeable pin tips (aluminum, steel, plastic, brass, etc.) to allow for different shapes, step profiles and materials being gripped
  • Pinpoint accuracy and repeatability

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