It attaches the same way the oem vise housings attach. The Kurt does use an adapter on the fixed side that requires two bolts to hold it in place.​

The ADAPTIX™ has versions compatible with Kurt DX-6 revA (2019 – prior), Kurt DX-6 R, Kurt D675, Kurt 688, Jergens JV6, Schunk KSC-F 160, Allmatic NC8-125M, and Rohm RKE 125. Have one of the models above? Easily use our configure page to find the model you need. Don't have a vise? No problem! We sell bundles on our Bundles page.

The ADAPTIX™ is great for rounds. Pulleys will work as well as long as the clamp point has a large enough flat to hold on to. It will not work if the pulley deletes to a sharp / near sharp.​

There are 14 tips that are 10mm wide so 140mm of total clamp area (5.511”)​

We can hold a part with constant curvature very well but you’re not able to index it. A probe or indicating would be required with that situation.​

Proper torque. When locking the lock bolt to set the shape, use a torque wrench set to the spec shown on the knob. (55 ft-lb)​

Yes. It can hold a part on each side without resetting. It may be able to hold more with resetting the movable side each time, but we need to verify with testing yet.

We have multiple step sizes available for our tips that act as parallels. Alternatively, you can use no-step tips and still use parallels.​

We have multiple step sizes available for our tips that act as parallels, making sure at least two fingers are fully back against the face of the housing. Face of fixed housing should be indicated straight just like a normal fixed jaw when installing the vise.​

Once you lock the fingers they will not move so you can open and close the jaw for the 300 pieces, you don't need to re-adjust the fingers for every piece unless the shape changes.​

The housing face is precision ground and the fingertips reference that. When pushed all the way back they stop on the ground housing face and are square.​

.001 or better repeatability and up to 6.5k lbs. clamp force.

Generally, about .5-1 minute. On more complex shapes requiring indexing it may be 2-3 minutes.​

Right side fingers and Left side fingers are unique, the indicator on the fingers is both orientation up and down as well as left and right.

Our life cycle tests have shown where the chips tend to go and we have added channels and reliefs to evacuate those areas. Eventually if you’re doing lots of machining with material that produces very fine swarf / chips like brass, you can easily disassemble the unit without any tools to clean it in the machine.

You will need to engage at least two tips on each jaw and the tips are 10mm wide. Max size would be the same as your normal 6” vise can handle.​

As soft jaws will dent parts too, standard machining considerations still apply. We do have different tip materials unlike soft jaws that will help address this including softer material nylon, brass.

No, it will just be in the initial piece after setting shape.

Rest it on the vice ways if large enough​ Rest it on parallels or blocking​ Rest it on integrated steps on the tips​ - These come in different standard sizes and geometries​