Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization​

With ADAPTIX™, You'll Have the Ability Save Upwards of 10 Hours in Monthly Setup Time.

This allows you to not only operate faster, but with a burdened labor rate of $100 per hour you can almost instantly produce a savings of $1,000 per month.​

With faster machining operations, you can now more strategically quote potential projects. Even with a 35% win rate, closing 1 more project per month at $1,000 can reduce your custom fixture spend by $1,350.​

Total Savings in Month 1 - $3,350

Machine Uptime ​

When You're Making Chips, You're Making Money.

So reducing setup time between cycles can be crucial when trying to get parts out the door. ​

Using the ADAPTIX™ System you can increase your spindle uptime by as much as 2 hours per week.​

Consequently, with a utilization revenue of $200 per hour this easily adds up to over $1,700 in monthly savings to further accelerate the return on your equipment.

Machine Uptime

Scrap and Parts Savings

Scrap & Parts Savings​

There Are Few Things Worse in a Machine Shop Than Having to Scrap a Part and Waste Material.

With an average scrap cost of $250 per piece and a national average of 3 scrapped parts a week, your scrap can cost you up to $750 a week, or $3,000 a month. ​

With the ADAPTIX™ System you can reduce your scrap by up to 50%, better use your material, maintain part flow, and keep your spindles turning.

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