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Machinist Cost Burdened
Average hourly rate of your machinist INCLUDING burdened costs. Simple calculation is average hourly rate plus 20%

Shop Rate
What hourly rate do you charge your customers?

New Quote Opportunities/Week
How many new quotes and new opportunities do you look over/review and ultimately quote per week

Shop Efficiency Rate
What percent machine ultilization is your facility experiencing?

Scrap Cost/Week
How many dollars per product, machine time and materials does your facility scrap on a weekly basis?

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DISCLAIMER: Figures and ROI data provided are all estimates based on relevant calculations provided by our expert team of engineering and machining professionals. Results are contingent upon the data provided and will adjust according to any change in the data entered.
Annual Cost
(Without workplace inury)
Annual Cost Savings
(With workplace inury)
* based on OSHA minimum cost of injury estimator
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